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PoE-H2-HB Series

The PoE-H2-HB series enclosure is designed for all major Fixed Box IP cameras using Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). The PoE-H2-HB can be connected to a standard network PoE cable.

Product Highlight:

Wall mount, heat shroud with Icicle Guard, heater and fan.aluminum, no plastic parts, UV rated glass, pre-terminated RJ45 connectors. Flip lid for easy access to camera sled, 10mm gasket for liquid tight protection.
Eye latch for locking and securing the enclosure.

Fix Box PoE Camera Housings


Exterior 18.0(L) x 5.75(H) x 9(W) (with shroud)
Interior 11(L )x 3.65
(H) x 4(W) (camera install size)
Protective Latching Eyehole
Front Lift Top with Compression Spring
48 vDC using Power-over-Ethernet
4 watts: Heater
1 watts: Blower
Heater On: 5c (41f) Off: 15c (59f)
Blower On: 40c(104f) Off: 25c(77f)
IP66 RJ45 Panel Connector
10/100 Mbs Ethernet
Industrial Aluminum Construction (2.54mm wall)
Grey Polyester Powder Coat
10mm Protective Gasket
Accessories (included)
Heat/Ice Shroud
Wall Mount (10.75inches)


Plug-n-Play Install
   IEEE-802.3af and IEEE2.3at Compliant
   Spring Hinged
   Locking Latch
   Cast and Extruded Aluminum Construction
   Ideal for Outdoor Applications
   Easy Access for Installation and Service
   IP67 Rated RJ45 Connector on Bottom of Enclosure
   Factorry Installed Heater/Fan
   Native PoE Connections Inside Enclosure
   Heat/Ice Shield


Model Numbers

PoE-H2-HB:         Standard Heater/Blower
PoE-H2-HB-DF:   Standard Heater/Blower with Defoster
PoE-H2-HB-HP:   High Powered Heaters 35 Degeres of Heat. 25 watt PoE Injector included
PoE-H2-HB-RJ:   RJ45 outdoor rated pannel connector
PoE-H2-HB-FT:   Flextight tubing with connectors to Wall Mount


PoE-H2-HB Series

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