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Fixed Box Enclosure

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PoE Camera Enclosure

The PoE-H2-HB series enclosure is designed for all major IP cameras using Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). The PoE-H2-HB can be connected to a standard network PoE cable.

Product Highlight:

Wall mount, heat shroud with Icicle Guard, heater and fan.aluminum, no plastic parts, UV rated glass, pre-terminated RJ45 connectors. Flip lid for easy access to camera sled, 10mm gasket for liquid tight protection.
Eye latch for locking and securing the enclosure.

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Optional Defroster Shown

Optional Flextight Tubing Shown



Exterior 18.0(L) x 5.75(H) x 9(W) (with shroud)
Interior 11(L )x 3.65(H) x 4(W) (camera install size)
Protective Latching Eyehole
Front Lift Top with Compression Spring
48 vDC using Power-over-Ethernet
4 watts: Heater
1 watts: Blower
Heater On: 5c (41f) Off: 15c (59f)
Blower On: 40c(104f) Off: 25c(77f)
IP66 RJ45 Panel Connector
10/100 Mbs Ethernet
Industrial Aluminum Construction (2.54mm wall)
Grey Polyester Powder Coat
10mm Protective Gasket
Accessories (included)
Heat/Ice Shroud
Wall Mount (10.75inches)

Model Number
PoE-H2-HB (standard)


  • Plug-n-Play Install
  • IEEE-802.3af and IEEE2.3at Compliant
  • Spring Hinged
  • Locking Latch
  • Cast and Extruded Aluminum Construction
  • Ideal for Outdoor Applications
  • Easy Access for Installation and Service
  • IP67 Rated RJ45 Connector on Bottom of Enclosure
  • Factorry Installed Heater/Fan
  • Native PoE Connections Inside Enclosure
  • Heat/Ice Shield

Model Numbers:

  • PoE-H2-HB: Standard Heater/Blower
  • PoE-H2-HB-DF: Standard Heater/Blower with Defoster
  • PoE-H2-HB-HP: High Powered Heaters 35 Degeres of Heat. 25 watt PoE Injector included
  • PoE-H2-HB-RJ: RJ45 outdoor rated pannel connector
  • PoE-H2-HB-FT: Flextight tubing with connectors to Wall Mount

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